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  • When does a football player have to All football players must have their minimum required amount of plays by the end of the 3rd quarter. Any players that have not met their minimum plays must start the 4th quarter and remain in the game until they’re complete.

  • All coaches and sideline personnel must wear a sideline pass provided by each association.

  • All football teams must utilize Wilson footballs.

  • MPR monitors must be 18 years or older and may not cheer, coach, etc.

  • Chain crews must be 18 years or older and may not cheer, coach, etc.

  • Each team must have two (2) monitors - one for their own team's sideline and one to go to the opposing team's sideline. Failure to have two monitors will result in fine(s).

  • Announcers may not call the game or play music during live plays - all calls over the PA system must wait until the play is over.

  • Only completely clear helmet visors are permitted. Tinted and/or smoked visors are prohibited.

  • Athletic Trainers have final say over any and all injuries that occur on the field during a game and/or practice. Officials, coaches, and parents of the child cannot overrule this decision.

  • All football participants' mouthpieces must be colored and attached to their hemlet's facemask. Clear mouthpieces are prohibited.

  • Pre-game check ins are mandatory. They are to be held at the beginning of the 4th quarter of the previous game or 20 minutes before kickoff of the first game of the day. Play Books are to be arranged in jersey number order. Players will line up (in jersey number order) for facial recognition. This procedure should be very similar to a weigh in, but it should be faster since there is no weighing in. A maximum of two (2) coaches from each team are to attend this check-in.

  • The National Anthem must be played prior to the beginning of the first game of the day.

  • The Sportmanship Announcement must be played prior to the beginning of each game.

  • Overtime Guarantee Pay (NOT CORNELL 3 WAY TIEBREAKER)
    • The first (1st) set of overtime (both teams possess the ball) is FREE (No Additional Pay) 
    • The second (2nd) and third (3rd) set of overtime will require compensation of $10.00 Additional Dollars per Official. 

    • The fourth (4th), fifth (5th), sixth (6th) and seventh (7th) and so on in sets of 2 will require compensation of $5.00 Additional Dollars per Official.

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